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Asia Helical Gearbox, High Performance Gearboxes Producer
Introducing the Projects

New Productions:

  • This company knows that it's important for their industrial improvement to produce new production and reach to an advanced technology.
    Now we are designing the Marine Gearbox which has been made as a primitive model. And right now its on static and dynamic tests.

  • This is an automatic gearbox which can be installed on small marine structures up to 200 hp. (power)

  • The ministry of industry and mines, and consulting company of Shenavar sazi shomal, has participated in presenting this plan.


Other Projects:

  • The other development plans of this company is getting to modern technology for producing the gears which needs entering into partnership with foreigners who have technical knowledge in this field.

  • The movement toward getting ISO licenses.

  • To get the necessary authorization for presentation to foreigners customers.
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